It is our duty and obligation to maintain the highest standard of our profession and to render treatment accordingly in a safe and clinically healthy environment. The doctors and staff who work in this office have dedicated their professional lives to improving the comfort and dental health of those who seek their care.It is our sincere belief that our patients have the right to be thoroughly examined and diagnosed in order to determine the nature and cause of their discomfort and concern. Anyone directed to our office is entitled to receive prompt emergency care at any time.

We are here to deliver quality care while providing a warm and friendly atmosphere. We will always be sensitive to the needs of our patients and treat all with the respect they deserve.

Infection Control

Reducing the chance of spreading infectious diseases has always been the “highest priority” of the dental profession. Our office uses comprehensive infection control procedures which comply with, and exceed the "universal precautions" set and regulated by government and professional agencies.We routinely monitor our infection control policies and ensure that upgrades to materials and equipment, as well as training in their use, is an on going process.

Many of our control procedures are visible; gloved hands, protective masks and eyewear and freshly laundered uniforms.

What may not be as visible to our patients is the sophisticated state-of- the-art sterilization of all instruments, including handpieces, disinfection of all surfaces, and disposal of contaminated waste into special containers which are then discarded according to government regulations.

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